“Pounding coal into diamonds is what The Get Togethers were made to do. Their music tells the story of tragedy, defeat, and redemption that make them who they are. For them, art is life and life is art. Their live shows are frenzied celebrations of suffering and salvation. The end result is music that is melodic, catchy, noisy, and raw.” – Jon @A New York Minute Magazine

The Get Togethers are husband and wife Bethany and Daniel Frazier, brother Andrew Frazier, and friend Kayce Grossman. Story tellers and music makers. Vulnerable, Epic, Intense.

Vulnerable – vul-ner-a-ble: easily hurt or harmed phsically, mentally or emotionally

“I just knew the second I saw her that I was doing the most important thing I had ever done.” – Daniel

Nashville native Daniel met Houston native Bethany while she lay recovering from a head-on car crash in Austin. They had never met before. In fact, he was only in town because he and a friend were on a road trip following Radiohead shows. Even then, it was only through a friend of a friend that he walked in the room at all.

In Bethany’s words: “Later, Daniel told me that the moment he walked into that room, he knew it was the most important moment of his entire life. It wasn’t because he knew he was going to marry me, he just felt the weight of it. At the time, I was gay, with multiple girlfriends, living recklessly, and hurting everyone around me. I was walking death. Daniel befriended me and listened to me talk about my crazy life for months. Eventually, I fell in love with him.”

The complete story of that redemption and healing is written in the songs of the band’s latest record, “Home as in Houston.”

Epic – ep-ic: telling a story about a hero or about exciting events or adventures

“My idea was that every person was a part of the writing of this invisible ‘million man band,’ and it was The Get Togethers. Eventually, it was narrowed down to the four of us.” – Bethany

Six short months later Daniel traveled the 900 miles to Bethany’s doorstep on a rescue mission. They packed up her entire life and booked it back to Nashville. While Houston had always been home, Nashville was the newness she could never find in Austin. Upon arriving, she met Kayce and Andrew and a host of new friends who brought life and hope back into this Houston heartbreak.

In the spring of 2011 she began work on Home as in Houston with Seattle producer, Charlie Lewis. By the time summer hit she’d made nearly no progress and called Daniel in desperation, asking he, Andrew and Kayce to come up and help her make the record. Having grown up together, playing music since their early teens, these guys brought a real distinctiveness that would complete The Get Togethers.

Daniel tells this part of the story best: “Andrew and I were up there about a month without Kayce. We desperately needed him, and he needed a car. I had one that I wasn’t using, so I agreed to give him my car if he would come play drums for us. Once Kayce got there it all fell into place quickly.”

The demos recorded in Seattle were later re-recorded with producer Taylor Bray at Forty-one Fifteen in East Nashville.

Intense – in-tense: done with or showing great energy, enthusiasm, or effort

“None of us knew how important she would be in our lives until later. When we perform, we all put power behind the songs because they mean something.” – Kayce

The Get Togethers are story tellers and music makers. Vulnerable. Epic. Intense.

But don’t take our word for it:

““June  (Oh My God)” gets better with each listen, especially after the realization that it is but one chapter in a fantastically constructed story. It’s a great song on its own, and an absolute masterpiece in the context of this concept album.” – Cretin, Rara’s Farm’s Rock Almanac

“Bethany Gray has a way of singing, twisting, and shaping the words into sounds you seemingly haven’t heard before, biting into some, and letting others flow out in an ethereal way.” – Olivia Notter, Suburban Roads Magazine

“It’s really a visceral experience, imagine making a mixed tape with one song representing your emotional state for each month of the year. I was surprised by how heavy and sharp-edged many of the albums songs were, this is really an emotional rock album.” – Brian S. Snyder, Secretly Important

“Their upcoming release, Home as in Houston, follows lead singer Bethany Frazier’s struggles and her experience of coming out on the other side. It is a testament to the idea that stories can write songs as much as songs can write stories. It is evidence of the saving power of music.” – Jon, New York Minute Magazine

The Get Togethers – indie rock for memoir enthusiasts.

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